Human Rights vs. Stalkers began as a direct result of my sister’s ongoing stalking by her ex-husband.  I’ve heard enough “excuses” about why it is so hard to prosecute these perpetrators, and decided something more needs to be done.  The laws are outdated and there is no consistency in the application of them.  Understaffed law enforcement agencies cannot possibly handle the onslaught of the fastest growing crime against women.  Legal resources are scarce, as are qualified specialists to help women navigate the judicial system.

As a society, domestic violence and stalking are the number one threat against our communities and governments.  Yes, you heard that correctly – our dangers to society are more likely to come from within our own borders.  Violence against women is a top priority of the US Department of Defense.  Why?  Because violence generally begins in the home before it filters out through our communities.  The single most effective way to protect citizens is to strengthen families by preventing domestic violence.

Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing an epidemic of violence against women.  Deeply ingrained attitudes have taken root in our society, which put women into gender-based stereotypes that are not natural or healthy.  These stereotypes promote misogynistic views of women as being worth less than men, in terms of value to society.  Increasingly, women are being objectified in every type of media, making it easier to violate their basic human rights.  After all, an “object” to be used for one’s own gratification doesn’t have rights!

College campuses all across the US are on the front-lines of the rape-culture that has emerged due to misogyny and objectification.  Our daughters are in more danger than ever before.  Our sons are being misled into behaviors that will ruin their futures and destroy their families.  Our culture has become drunk on greed, power and control to the point where it has infiltrated the psyche of these young adults from childhood.  The competitiveness that our country prides itself on has taken on a dark side, where the goals are no longer to achieve knowledge and wisdom, but rather to come out on top of everyone else.

This is a national tragedy that is being felt across all sectors of society from rural towns to the halls of congress in Washington DC.  Our government has lost focus on the people they are commissioned to serve and protect.  A lack of leadership from the top has trickled down through local governments, and all seem to be like hamsters running around in circles.  Law enforcement is directed to collect fines rather than to prevent crime.  An organized human rights movement has slowly gained strength during the past decade, with some distinct differences from the feminist strategy.  We look at these issues in a similar manner as human trafficking abolitionists as both are worldwide crimes upon humanity, and both are based on power, control, and coercion.

Won’t you consider becoming a warrior to fight against gender-based crimes?  Contact me today for assistance in getting started.

Tammy  ⚖

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  1. Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. It is so good to see someone talking about stalking! It is totally debilitating and frightening to have a stalker especially when they get into your house and hold you hostage, threatening you and your kids lives.
    Love your blog and will be following… But not in a stalking way! lol : )

  2. Male domination (stalking and other manifestations) are rooted in religion. It appears to be getting worse instead of better. Keep up the good work in letting people know. There are many of us fighting for women’s equality in the church and in the home, but the church is not helping at all, and will not listen to us. God bless you in your mission.

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