NO MORE “boys will be boys!”

A district attorney’s office is in hot water over this:

Montana Prosecutor Allegedly Told Mother of 5-Year-Old Sexual-Assault Victim That “Boys Will Be Boys” | Mother Jones.

I am encouraged by the Dept. of Justice inquiry into this matter. All across the US, District Attorney offices are allowed to play judge and jury in deciding whether a crime gets prosecuted. Unless there is a good chance of a payout via offender fines or political favors, these cases usually get swept under the rug. This is a blatant violation of civil rights for the female victims.

It’s about time the US Dept. of Justice starts holding District Attorney offices accountable for their inactions. I hope it is a sign of things to come. DA’s, like other members of the law enforcement community, are supposed to serve and protect victims; it seems like they are more of a fee-for-service business these days.


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