The Future of Stalking is Now

I believe stalking incidence statistics will dramatically increase over the next few years. This is not because the technology is “bad,” but it does provide the vehicle for stalkers to exert maximum damage. However, the crisis can be averted if we ACT NOW to prevent it.

HAVEN Give Hope A Voice

Guest post by: Richelle Duane, Civil Advocacy Supervisor, HAVEN

When I was growing up cartoons, movies, and television shows about the future were pretty common.  There was The Jetsons, Back to the Future and Star Trek, just to name a few.  These ideas of what the future may look like and be like were exciting and fascinating but at the same time seemed so far away and fantastical.  It was hard to believe any of it could or would ever be reality.  Little did I know that the future was only a few short decades away.

Granted we aren’t all flying around in hover crafts, teleporting, or living in outer space; at least not yet.  But the rate at which technology has evolved, the devices we now have and the things we are now capable of are astounding compared to just 30 years ago.  While these technological advances are impressive and…

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2 thoughts on “The Future of Stalking is Now

  1. Have you ever heard of a victim having to do mediation with the stalker with her paying $150.00 for it as well? This is happening right now in my home town. He lives 4 houses away from her. This came to be in the restraining order court, the judge denied the R/O until they do mediation. She has never had any relations with him, he is married. Any help would be appreciated. I am beside by self on this. We have a non-profit organization called Vonnies Voice named after my mom who was brutally killed by a stalker 5 years ago. He was her next door neighbor. He also killed himself. We fought to change the stalking laws in Colorado after this and we won, they strengthened the current laws and named it Vonnies Law after my mom.

    • Hi Dawn, I sent you a couple of resource links on Facebook this morning, but here is another one that might help: I’m thinking that a skilled attorney is going to be able to direct the judge to recognize victims’ rights protections in Colorado. It probably wouldn’t hurt to visit the local district attorneys office, and file a complaint with the Colorado Judicial Branch, but definitely get legal advice first.

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