Intimate Partner Stalking

A discussion on intimate partner stalking, including the unique challenges faced by criminal justice and mental health professionals in addressing the problematic behavior.

via Intimate Partner Stalking.


8 thoughts on “Intimate Partner Stalking

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  2. I have been stalked by an ex partner it was horrible , he knew were I was at all Times. I would get texts saying ” I can see you ” but I was in a crowded place it freezes me out ! He would sit outside my friends houses ! Call all there numbers ! I think he had a tracker on my phone ! It’s the only way I can explain this , the police knew but they did nothing ? It stopped after a few months , but I was scared , I tried to end my life , that’s when he stopped I don’t think he wanted me dead !

    Keep up your great work , I have been told that police take it more seriously now ? But in not sure as they treated me like here’s your crime number and that was it !

    I will be a re visitor I love your blog x

    Love Sarah

    Ps thanks for follow on sexism 2 wards women xxx

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